it is just the beginning and it may last forever
July 1st to the 15th, 2013 at The Hedreen Gallery

OPENING: Monday July 1st, 1:30-6pm
Alice Gosti — July 1st from 2pm-6pm
Eric Aguilar — July 1st from 6pm-midnight
Tyler P. Wardwell — from 4pm on July 2nd to 6:30pm on July 3rd
Reilly Sinanan — from 8am on July 5th to noon on July 6th
Devin McDermott — from noon to 8pm on July 7th
Shannon Stewart — July 8th-9th
Spike Friedman — from 9am-5pm on July 10th
Vanessa DeWolf — from 10pm on July 10th to 1pm on July 11th
Sean Tomerlin — from 1:30pm on July 11th to 10am on July 12th
Alice Gosti — from 10am to 7:30pm on July 12th
Ryan Law — July 13th-14th
Takahiro Yamamoto — 5:45-6:45 & 7:45-8:45 on July 15th
CLOSING: July 15th