Artist statement - I believe in three things: the ineffability of art, the cultivation of caring, and autonomy.

I belong to a legacy of process-focused experimental art that constantly finds its inspiration in current and historic social realities. 

I am an architect of experiences. While my background is in dance and choreography, with movement at the heart of my work, I use all media to create a cohesive environment in which the viewer is invited to both experience and perform. I was raised in Italy in an Italian/American family of installation artists and architects. My performances live and breathe the dualities existing within a multicultural environment, as multidimensional works. My artwork never belongs to one medium, just as it belongs to both cultures. I believe in the complexity of layered concepts. Dance, time, duration, motion, movement, and performance are always central to my architectures. Even in my sculptural experiments there is always a performative element. It may not be a body in space, it may be an ice cube melting, liquids being absorbed over a length of time, or gravity, but there is always a dance, a play of movement. I am interested in crafting creative environments where people are always invited to change, transform, and constantly re-discover oneself.

My work fosters a conscious world as it uses performance and the body to bring to the surface questions and ideas that are relevant to the contemporary human condition—questions that allow viewers to empathize, transforming their perceptions by experiencing the world through a prospective that may not be at the forefront of their daily experience.

My work is constantly questioning autonomy and decision making performed by both the viewers and the artists I collaborate with. I aim to contribute art that is a powerful cultural tool for self-definition, as opposed to an instrument of propaganda. 

BIO : ALICE GOSTI is an architect of experiences.

Amazing interview with Alice Gosti, by Sebastien Scandiuzzi and Haley Watson. Which aired on Nancy Guppy's Art Zone.

While her background is mostly in dance and choreography, she uses all media to create a cohesive environment in which the viewer is invited to both experience and perform. Born and raised by the dynamic art duo SANDFORD&GOSTI in Perugia, Italy, she trained at Associazione Culturale Dance Gallery with Valentina Romito and Rita Petrone. At 19, Alice moved to Seattle, where she received a B. A. in Dance from the University of Washington with a focus in choreography and experimental film.

Alice has received the Vilcek Foundation Creative Promise award in Dance, the 2012 danceWEB scholarship from ImpulsTanz; and, for How to become a partisan, an Artist Trust Gap Grant 2014 and a Seattle Office of Arts and Culture individual project award 2015. She has been awarded residencies and smaller prizes all over the world. Gosti is Velocity’s 2015 Artist in Residence.

Alice’s work has been presented in Italy, Germany, Japan, and on both coasts of the United States. Her project, Spaghetti CO. toured as part of Velocity’s SCUBA National Touring Network, and had the honor of being the last piece presented at the Joyce Soho in New York City, before the theatre closed. She has been presented in Northwest New Works, Seattle International Dance Festival, and Velocity’s NEXTfestNW, Bridge Project, Fall Kick-Off, and Guest Artist Series.

In 2013, Alice inaugurated Yellow Fish // Epic Durational Performance Festival, the only festival worldwide dedicated to durational performance. As a performance curator, Alice has also been in charge of Modern Dance Behind the Pink Door, Under Constructions (Velocity Dance Center) and various smaller events in collaboration with the Satori Group and the NEPO 5K don’t RUN.

Alice loves planes.