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It is just the beginning and it may last forever

In this workshops we will investigate durational performance, asking ourselves: how long does it go for? What if it last forever?

Using improvisational scores and task based movement we will challenge time as we know it, expanding and contracting it to alter our own experience, emotions and perceptions. Video Excerpt here.


Site-Specific and the Politics of Place

What if the world was our stage? What if we used the ramps, staircases, cornices, archways. Let’s refuse the boundaries of a concert stage. From airports to parks, to fountains, to churches, to old factories, can we reshape and play with the notion of performance? How do we conceive and create material in direct response to the space we are in, the atmospheres and the landscapes that this architecture holds in itself?

We will explore looking at the difference between integrating movement into a place and creating movement inspired by the space. During this workshop/class, I will be sharing with you not only strategies and ways to work site-specifically, but also important things to know about audience and space management when working in non-conventional performance spaces.


Object based identity

How do the objects we own define our identity and in return end up owning us. In this workshop we will investigate our personal relationships with objects using both physical and verbal languages to play with what we find. Many of the scores we will be playing with come from my new project Material Deviance in Contemporary American Culture.

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Like electrons we move, collide, fall and rise creating more and more energy.

I've been obsesses with mosh-pits since childhood. A communal state in which energy and tension are released outward. Not violence. No. A collective release of energies. We will use different scores to build trust and boundaries. To than culminate in a pure 10 min moshpit. Please bring comfortable running shoes and water.


Say Yes

A movement and imagination workshop against self-censorship and judgment. We will be working on the idea that one’s body has inspiration of it’s own and it is connected to one’s imagination. What if we think about our signature movement not as something that we need to avoid and get rid of, but as an unfinished sentence that we never allowed ourselves to deeply and completely realize? What if we give permission and say – yes – to all of the random impulses and images that pop into our imaginations? What if instead of tricking the mind into being distracted, we trusted the bodies’ mind? No, I am not a ‘non-conformist of the 1960s’, I am a punk that loves airplanes and airports and thinks that we give too much power to our minds, that’s all. Come to class.

Alice also teaches technique, composition and improvisation classes, storytelling through movement and is a regular teacher for Path with Art in Seattle. An organization that offers free art classes to people recovering from homelessness, addiction, and other trauma by harnessing the power of creative engagement as a bridge to community and a path to stability.