Friends of Waterfront Seattle presents BODIES OF WATER, a 5 hour hybrid performance spectacle by Italian-American choreographer Alice Gosti, in collaboration with composer Benjamin Marx, produced by Velocity Dance Center.

BODIES OF WATER is architected as a celebration of the city of Seattle, while reminding us of the complex relationship the city has with its waters. This timely new work is inspired by its location – the Seattle Waterfront – and compelled by ideas of water as a natural element, spiritual/cyclical entity, transitional space, and port. Bodies of water is a political performance touching on the ideas of immigration and refugee crisis, Native American fishing rights in the northwest, and water ecology.

A five-hour song cycle, composed and performed by Benjamin Marx (Hatchback LLC), includes the Beaconettes, Chaotic Noise Marching Corps, percussion and amplification of water and park sounds.

Costume Design by Rachel Ravitch. Lighting Design by Amiya Brown (Spaghetti CO., Amy O’Neal, Zoe|Juniper). And a group of 8 Seattle super star dancers – Alyza DelPan-Monley, Lorraine Lau, Kaitlin McCarthy, Amy Ross, Erin Johnson, Sabina Smith-Moreland, Hallie Scott and Ariana Bird.

Photo by Tim Summers

Photo by Tim Summers

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READ Preview – “Bodies of water.” Rich Smith. The Stranger. July 2016