Airport Project

choreographer/performer: Alice Gosti
This project was about creating a performance piece that in ten days traveled from airport to airport all around the world. It interacted with a characteristic shared by all airports—the power to alter one’s perception of space and time. I am interested in juxtaposing the airport—a place where space and time are warped or even suspended-with dance, an art form completely dependent on how we perceive the body moving in space and time.

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Watch one cut
edited by Alice Gosti
filmed by Michael McCrea
length 5:50 min

This project was possible thanks to: Mark Haim, Jared T. Friend, Michael McCrea, University of Washington Dance Program, the Digital Arts and Experimental Media Department and the Mary Gates Endowment for Students at the University of Washington.

The video was shown June 13-14th, 2010 at the Northwest Film Forum (see link).